Betterground Quality Monitoring and Control System

The quality control recorder is a touchscreen unit located within the rig operator cabin.


This unit can act as a remote control for regulating the pressure or flow of water, air, or even cement grout. This regulation can be programmed to follow an automatic or semi-automatic rule by which these flows are regulated depending on depth level or other variables.

Operator Guidance System


The software guides the operator to install either a specified column diameter or achieve the necessary ampere per soil layer as required.

This is accomplished by the green bar graph on the right of the display (titled “Compaction”). As the operator moves the Vibroflot up and down to install the column, this green bar empties or fills. When the operator has reached either the empty or full point on the bar, the red arrow reverses direction to indicate to the operator to also reverse direction from, say, upward movement to downward movement.

The bar on the far right shows in orange the already installed portion of the current column, green shows the present depth interval, and white the remaining intervals till completion of this column.

The valve controllers for the various air lock chambers of the Pressured Chamber Injection System rig are shown in the left part of the display, indicating status of the valve, flow rate and pressure.

At the bottom of the screen a row of buttons (green, last one yellow) shows the present position of the control computer in the process of installing an offshore stone column. The operator works sequentially from the leftmost to the rightmost button during the installation process, with the presently available selection in Yellow and the already completed steps green.

This way most operators can learn to run the system error free without ever needing a manual or extensive formal training.

Stone Column Monitoring Printout

The following shows a typical printout for a bottom feed stone column installed with constant diameter.


The following parameters are read and stored in one second intervals during stone column installation:

  • Depth
  • Amperage
  • Air pressure in double lock system
  • Inclination

The recorder can additionally be connected to sensors measuring

  • Depth (with deflection rollers or laser)
  • Hydraulic pressure (crowd force)
  • Concrete, grout or water pressure
  • Flow rate
  • Inclination of mast in x- and y- direction
  • Frequency measurement at the vibroprobe
  • The output can be analyzed in a custom made software or in Excel. Seen below, a magnified plot was created to better study the build-up of Ampere during rig penetration and subsequent column installation.