Drill rig based attachments

Betterground can provide adaption kits for many standard and non-standard hydraulic drill rigs. These adaption kits allow for multi utilization of drill rigs during technology fluctuation changes and during periods of either low or high market intensity.

Betterground have so far successfully produced kits for machines such as those shown in the photographs in this page. Where depths are in excess of 8m and working space is limited, a standard hydraulic drilling rig modified as shown may be more appropriate and efficient than the normal lattice boom crawler crane rigs (BC1 or BC2) or the excavator based BE1.

The BL1 is our Bottom Feed Leader based rig with the gravel supply bucket running guided along the leader. This setup is preferred for depths larger than 12m when transporting the gravel to the top of the rig with a telescopic wheel loader reaches its limits.

The BL1 rig is here shown attached to an ABI SM-14/18. The winch for moving the gravel bucket is integrated into the main sled.

With the bucket winch integrated into the main sled that moves the vibroflot, the bucket can fill into the hopper while the vibroflot is moving up and down in the ground. The bucket of the BL1 is operated with two hydraulic cylinders as shown in the following sketch.


The following BAUER BF12 rig has been equipped with a BL3 attachment. Gravel is fed to this rig with a telescopic wheel loader. This setup is best suited for depths in the range of 7m to 12m.


If space on site is most limited, the BL3 may also be used on the Betterground built mast BL3.350 that can be attached to a 40 ton standard excavator. This setup is shown here below.