Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facility

September 2012 at Hong Kong


Method Applied

Bottom Feed Stone Columns

Average Depth


Betterground built from scratch and deployed within a few months a total of 16 offshore stone column rigs, of which 8 were purposely built for extreme AHR (Airport Height Restriction).  The idea was to have the gravel fed via a 6-inch rubber hose that can flex 180 degrees and partially submerse into the top of the marine clay sediments, thus gaining length while keeping the length when suspended in the air at a minimum.


For offshore stone columns more than for onshore columns, a perfect data logging and installation parameter control is essential. Betterground’s patented operator guidance system that not only logs the data, but also tells the operator how to do his work, was making it possible to install high quality columns from day one with operators that had never before installed Stone Columns.